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We offer a wide range of massage and other services in Umoja to help you revitalize your body. Feel free to contact us if the service you desire isn’t listed below. We are more than willing to fulfill your fantasy in our super-private and serene location. Some of our main services include:

  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Reflexology Massage

We also offer plenty of extra services in Umoja to accentuate the awesome massage experience. Some of the popular extras include:

  • Sex
  • Hand Job
  • Blow job
  • Kinky Sex
  • Oral Sex
  • Pegging
  • Dildo Sex
  • Bondage

Why Massage Therapy Is Good For You

​The human body is designed to move, to be mobile, to be ready for action, so why do so many people out there experience aches, stiffness, or inflexibility? A look at our environment can provide many of the answers. Each day we are faced with many physical challenges – as athletes toiling on the field, as office workers glued to the computer with arms steady on the keyboard, as construction workers hammering repeatedly, or as a matatu driver sitting for long periods with inadequate support. Workstations are often built to accommodate equipment, not different body shapes and sizes. The society we live in demands performance, but we barely get the needed warm-up time before activities. Deadlines, traffic, air quality and many other factors lead to physical and mental stresses that eventually become evident as physical pain. Massage Therapy seeks to address some of these symptoms. These reasons show why you should pay us a visit in Umoja, Nairobi

​There’s  perhaps universal agreement that massage “feels good”,  but little credit is given to this activity’s many other benefits. The therepeutic use of massage affects all systems of the body, including the circulatory, muscular, fascial, and nervous systems. Massage therapy is also effective in the control of pain – both chronic and acute, in stress reduction and in creating a sense of relaxation and well-being.​

Past and current research point out the positive impacts of massage therapy, many of which are due to the movement of the therapist’s hands over the body, physically stretching the muscles, encouraging circulation, inhibiting muscle spasm, and sedating or stimulating the nerves to ease pain or promote function as necessary. Many effects are equally proactive in nature as they help prevent diseases. When muscles are loose and circulation is sufficient, the result is better health and less chance of injury or dysfunction.  ​

A trained massage therapist focuses on the normalization of the soft tissues affected by stress, injury, and illness through the use of manual techniques that improve circulation, enhance muscular relaxation, relieve pain, reduce stress, enhance immune function, or promote health and well-being.  You don’t need to be injured or in pain to experience massage, it can be used as a tool to help facilitate your general well-being. Many people seek massage therapy regularly to help them perform at their best and feel positive about themselves. Pay us a visit in Umoja, Nairobi for the best experience.

​An increasing number of clinical research studies show massage reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, relaxes muscles, improves range of motion, and increases endorphins (enhancing medical treatment). Although therapeutic massage does not increase muscle strength, it can stimulate weak, inactive muscles and, thus, partially compensate for the lack of exercise and inactivity resulting from injury or illness. It can also hasten and lead to a more complete recovery from exercise or injury.

It may not be possible to outline all the benefits and services you get by vising us in Umoja, Nairobi, but the summary above indicates the feel-good massage experience we offer.

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